LONDON | Thursday 19th November, 2020 | 10:30 - 16:30


Working as a Speaker, Author or Coach can be lonely

It’s important to schedule time to work ON your business and meet like-valued people in a non-distracting environment. Connect & Create Days are a supportive and friendly place to gain insight and instant feedback on what you’re creating.  

Join us to get make progress on your business and connect with your peers.

"What a wonderful and productive day you provided for us all, Kelly and Helena. It was very well organised from beginning to end and the way you crammed in so much and still adhered to your time schedule was impressive. It had everything: information, camaraderie, encouragement, guidance and those essential, glittery baubles of entertainment, laughter and fun. Lovely, gifted people and it was wonderful to have been a part of it all. " 

Mercedes Leal

Connect with people who share your values and be supported as you work on your projects 

Pitch your business, hone your networking skills and ask for recommendations on suppliers or professional connections in a small group of other speakers, authors and coaches. 

Our Connect & Create Day is about getting stuff done and moving forward with your business. It gives you the time and space to draft copy, design new products, develop marketing materials or create a new business strategy, plus you get a one-to-one clarity session for expert support in whatever you need. 

We keep it small – never more than 16 people – so you’ll always get individual attention. Imagine working on your business with support on tap, so your questions are answered instantly and you can walk away with material you can implement immediately.  

Pitch your business and practice networking 

Connect with like-valued speakers, authors and coaches, and ask for referrals

Take time out to work on what your business needs

"Thank you everyone for a really lovely day, special thanks to Helena and Kelly who held the space to push us and prod us with lots of TLC to create and keep creating"

Marian Bourne


Where: GRANGE STRATHMORE HOTEL. 41 Queens Gate Gardens. London. SW7 5NB

When: 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on Thursday 19th Novemer 2020

Parking: ramp parking available and limited street spaces; if you can, use public transport for ease

What to bring: laptop, business cards, marketing materials